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Youth Camp

2020 Youth Camp Itinerary

Please join us for a camp that specializes in the teaching of kids from 2nd through 7th grade for the fall of 2020. Kids at this age have different development needs as a football player than older, more mature kids. We will focus on 5 areas to develop the young football player.

1. DISCIPLINE. We will focus on the discipline of being a football player. We will teach these young men how to be a "coachable player."

2. TEAM. Each player will be put on a team and will play games throughout the camp. There will be approximately 12 teams in a camp that will compete to play in a Super Bowl game on the final day of camp. Special emphasis will be placed on the team concept. Each player on the team must do his part to be successful.

3. FUNDAMENTALS. The basic fundamentals will be taught to give these kids a solid foundation on which to go forward. Our fundamentals include:

  1. Blocking
  2. Tackling
  3. Passing
  4. Receiving
  5. Man Coverage Techniques
  6. Ball Running Skills.

4. RUNNING PROGRAM. The focus will be on  teaching techniques that will help improve the speed of each camper. This program is the same used by the Clemson University Football Team.

5. COMPETITION. All campers will be required to compete in all areas of camp. We will challenge each camper to improve every minute he is in camp. There will be a Super Bowl game, a punt and kick competition, and many other opportunities to compete.

Full-Time Supervision Policy

For those parents who are concerned, your children will have some form of supervision at all times. They will never be left unattended. From the second your child is dropped off until they are picked up, your child is being supervised. There is a camp worker, whether it be a coach or someone that is helping work the camp that is watching the campers at all times.