Dabo Swinney 2013 Clemson Football Camps
Kicking Academy
Date: June 4-6  Price: Resident Camper: $375   Evening Commuter Camper: $295

Each participant will receive individual instruction in his choice of field goal kicking, kickoffs, punting, long snapping or holding. Approximately 16 hour of instruction are available at each camp where coaches will work with each individual, answer any questions and go the distance to bring out his hidden potential. The camper will be taught how to self study film.

The goal of this camp is for each individual who attends to leave with the knowledge of the basic skills and techniques to achieve his best. There will also be a very strong emphasis on the mental side of the game, which is taught both on the field and in the film room.

This camp is for young men who are at least thirteen years of age through rising high school seniors.

Punters are offered instruction in the following areas:

  • Hang time and distance
  • Correct way to catch a snap and drop the ball
  • Directional punting
  • Punting with or against the wind
  • Punting out of the end zone
  • Minimize the operation time without rushing the punting motion
  • Effective stepping patterns
  • Pooch punting

Kickers are offered instruction in the following areas:

  • Field goals, extra points, kickoffs
  • When to start the approach toward the kicking spot
  • Kicking from a snap and hold
  • Kicking from a bad snap and questionable hold
  • Field goals from the hash
  • Learning how to communication with the holder
  • Correct approach steps
  • Minimize operation time without rushing the kicking motion
  • Directional kicking
  • Improve hang time and distance on kickoffs
  • Onside kicks
  • How to kick in difficult weather conditions
  • Pooch kicks
  • Improving contact point with the football

Kickers are requested to bring holders, tees, blocks and any other item normally used during practice.

Contact Brandon McCombs at mccombs@clemson.edu for any further questions regarding the Kicking Academy.